Getting Started with GlassIG Fremium Edition

Congratulations, you have signed up for your Free Edition of GlassIG!

Now what? How can this totally free edition help you on your Information Governance Journey? Once you have received your confirmation email, the GlassIG Wizard will walk through the process of getting started.  In just a few simple steps you can begin experiencing the power of GlassIG.

Step 1.  Connect your Infosource

The first step is to define the repository where your information is located.  In GlassIG we call this an Infosource.  With the free edition, you can set up a personal Google Drive or Box account.  Other Infosource types are available with variety of subscription options.  This is great way to test the power of GlassIG without using your protected Corporate content. Simply provide a name and description for the Infosource of your choice. A pop-up box will appear and you will be prompted to enter in your credentials for the selected Infosource, and allow access from GlassIG.


Step 2.  Create your Cataloger

Once you have created an Infosource, the next step is tell GlassIG what to do with information that has been identified. In GlassIG, a “Cataloger” applies a specific policy to information in a target folder or location within your Infosource:

  1. Provide a unique name for your Cataloger
  2. Select the targeted folder in your Infosource (I.E. Google Drive Folder)
  3. Assign the Information Policy
  4. Determine the type of assets (content) that you would like to govern:
    1. Unprotected Assets – The content will be catalogued by GlassIG, but will not be immutable. Users will be able to modify and/or delete the content, regardless of the Information Policy that has been applied to the content.
    2. Protected Asset (Immutable) – The content will be cataloged and protected. Depending on the Infosource, users will either be prevented from deleting the content directly in the Repository, or the content will be secured in a preservation center.
  5. Define the frequency of the timer. Define how often that you would like your Cataloger to search for new content (minutes, hours, or days)

Additional Configuration Options

The GlassIG Free Edition comes with a pre-built two level Information Policy structure (Record Classes).  With a few clicks you can modify and/or create your own custom Information Policies.

To create a new Information Policy, navigate to Policies Tab and select the target Information Policies that you could like to edit (I.E. Budgets).


  1. Modify Existing Information Policy

Click on the “Edit Policy” button and to update the policy:

  • Modifying the retentioduration, which can be defined by days, weeks, months or years
  • You can assign additional System or Business Attributes (I.E. Vital, Historical)
  • Click on the “Save” button to save your changes
  1. Create New Information Policy
  • Click on the “New Policy” button
  • Enter in a unique Code (I.E. HR for Human Resources) **Important based on where the location of your content will impact what level of the Information Policy will be entered (Level 1, or Level 2)


  • In the above example the cursor was highlighted at the “Home” level and the options available to enter in would the top-level category (I.E. Alpha Code, length = 2). If I select the “New Policy” button, while I have an existing Information Policy highlighted, the code required would meet the needs of the lower level Information Policy level (I.E. Numeric, length = 3)


  • Notice that new Information Policy has inherited the Parent Information Policy Retention Period of 99 years. This Retention Period can be modified by following the Edit Existing Policy Steps list above.
  • The newly created policy will need to be validated before it can be used in a Cataloger.


The GlassIG Free Edition allows users to enter in their custom Retention Schedules, using the Lifecycle Event “File Creation Date”. The ability to use other customized Lifecycle Events is available in our subscription options.

Looking to learn more about how you can get started on your Information Governance Journey? Request a demo or download our IG Assessment Brochure to get a customized plan on how to make your IG Vision a Reality.

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