GlassIG at ARMA Spring Seminar

GlassIG sponsored this year’s Spring Seminar of the ARMA Golden Gate Chapter. As luck would have it, the event was held commensurate with (and just down the street from) the Annual RSA CyberSecurity Conference, meaning most attendees and presenters found time and bandwidth to attend both. 

Don’t let that statement fly under your radar, you heard me right: Records Managers and Cyber Security specialists were under the same roof. 

We at GlassIG have been saying for some time… 7 years and counting, in fact… that all information management policies should be centralized. Historically, companies had one spreadsheet for retention, another for legal citations, another for security classifications, maybe another for metadata, or file plans, or… you get the picture. In fact, if you are reading this, you have probably lived this reality. When GlassIG first emerged into the market in 2010, it was the first technology to provide a collaboration environment for centralizing all information lifecycle policies, and bringing together the various stakeholders and constituencies that had always worked independently on these kinds of policies. 

So on the one hand, it was pleasing, even validating, to see Security as the main theme for an ARMA Spring Seminar. On the other hand, it was also a bit painful. Malcom Palmore did an overview of the Cyber Security Threat landscape… Nithan Sannappa presented some case studies from the FTC. To put it bluntly… we, Information Professionals, are late to the party. Those who would seek to misuse our sensitive information (miscreants, let’s call them) got a head start on us, and we have found ourselves responding to threats rather than addressing them proactively and systematically. We’ve played our own game of Whack-A-Mole, reacting to one threat or intrusion only to see another arise elsewhere. 

But I am encouraged: the boundaries between Cyber Security and Records Management (and Legal, Risk, Compliance, etc.) are beginning to blur, and this is good for all of us! We at GlassIG are seeing more and more projects initiated by IT and Security teams, people who would never have been interested in governance principles 5 years ago. And Records Managers who embrace these new responsibilities, who lead the convergence of roles… these are the RM’s who will find themselves increasingly relevant and useful within their organizations.

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