GlassIG Webinar Series

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 – Time: 11AM EST | 4PM GMT

Information Inventory and Metadata Management

The core concepts of Information Governance include 4 aspects of Information: Policies, Lifecycle, Control and Value.

In this webinar, we’ll be focusing on Information Control.

We will demonstrate how, using the advanced features, GlassIG helps organizations to better describe, classify, discover and search their information assets independently of the storage system. GlassIG Inventory & Search retrieves in one view all the content from multiple sources (SharePoint, Shared Drives, Cloud based systems).

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James Amsler

Information Governance Guru

+1 855 9-GLASS IG

About Presenter

Jim Amsler has implemented governance programs for seven years, first with RSD and now as the head of sales marketing teams for GlassIG. He’s worked in the software industry for 23 years, including stints at SAP, IBM and a handful of smaller software and service providers.